Monday, February 28, 2011

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Madeline has started sleeping in her own crib at night.  Her own crib.  In her own room.  Alllllll the way across the apartment from our bedroom.  Big. Deal.   

On the first night that she was in her own room, I was prepared for battle.  I expected tears.  I expected her to toss and turn all night.  I expected to get out of bed repeatedly to comfort her.  I told myself to be strong, and to keep putting her back in her crib no matter how tired I was.  

As it turns out, Madeline slept through that first night in her crib without so much as a whimper.

I was worried Madeline would feel alone and abandoned when we moved her to her own room.  Instead, The Maddie Bear is just fine being on her own, while I feel alone and abandoned.    

As I stared misty-eyed at her empty co-sleeper last night, this is what I imagined Madeline saying to me:

"Mumma, I'm sorry, I just can't sleep in my bassinet anymore.  It's not you, it's me...

I just need some space...
I need to learn what it's like to be own my own, ya know?  
I just can't sleep well knowing you're only a few feet away worrying about me...
I know it may sound a little bit quirky, but I just really like a big bed...that co-sleeper is just not big enough...

But really, Mumma, believe me, It's not's me!"  

Yup, my baby totally dumped me.  

It's not that I'm not happy that Madeline is in her own room.  Really, I am.  It's not like she could stay in our room forever....that would be totally weird.  Besides, I am enjoying the luxury of being able to turn my lamp on at night again.  It's just that she's growing up sooooo quickly.  

This week she's moving into her own bedroom, next week she'll be moving to college.  Then she'll probably graduate and get a great job in California and I'll never see her again.  

Sniff.  Sniff, sniff.  Sob.

Sweet dreams baby girl.  

Napping on the couch....before she dumped me.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Not-So-Little Pumpkin

Madeline on her first full day home from the hospital.  

Madeline last night.

I decided it was time to say goodbye to the little pumpkin last night since, you know, we've had it for nearly six months now and all....gross.  

I threw it out the window as a gift for the possum, ducks, or corner people who live on the river.  Maybe come fall a pumpkin bush will have sprouted!     

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Will She Eat It???

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed, washed my hands about a million-trillion times, and made Madeline some baby food deliciousness.  Baby peas could not be any easier.  Cook peas, blend peas, freeze peas.  Ta-da!  
Mumma was successful at making her first batch of baby food. (Besides mashed up bananas and avocados, which don't count.)

But, the real question.....will she eat it???

YES SHE WILL!  She ate them all up.  Nom, nom, nom....sweet success.

Any experienced Mummas have any advice when it comes to baby food making, first food suggestions, etc?  It would be much appreciated!


If Goldilocks were to venture to our house, she would find one sick Momma Bear lying in bed.

Then, I would gobble Goldilocks up because bitch had it coming.  That is all.

P.S.  It seems odd to send baby to daycare in order to prevent illness, doesn't it?  Because that is where she has been the past two days.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Madeline Fought the Sleep Monster...and LOST!

Remember this guy??
And how every night in our house used to look like this??    
                                                                                      Now, they look more like this:

We may have a stubborn baby, but I'm happy to report that the Sleep Monster is even more stubborn.

The last "rough" night we had with Madeline was Christmas Eve.  (Please don't smite me  Internet Gods!!!)  Since then, she has become an excellent sleeper!  (Seriously, I'm about ready to dodge lightning bolts here.)

She's now working twelve-hour shifts at night.   The past two weeks she hasn't even woken up to eat during that time.  That means she's a well-rested happy little baby and I'm a well-rested happy chubby little mumma!

Before anyone starts throwing daggers at me through your computers, let me tell you that the first three to four months of Madeline's existence, she was not a good sleeper.  I would literally spend at least six hours every night trying my damnedest to rock her to sleep.  She wouldn't let me put her down, she wouldn't let me sit down, and once she did finally fall asleep in my arms, she'd wake up the moment I put her in her crib.

So what changed?

I can't really take full credit for Madeline's awesome sleep schedule.  She's simply a easy-going baby, and that has nothing to do with me.  Once she grew out of her colic, she wasn't interested in fussing for endless hours a day anymore, and like her Mumma, gal loves her beauty sleep!

However, there are a few things we started doing that helped Madeline's sleep pattern along...
  • First?  Routine, routine, routine!
When Madeline was a teeny thing, we used to bring her to bed whenever we went to bed.  That meant she wasn't getting a consistent bedtime every night.

Now, our bedtime routine looks like this:

1. Bath
2. Lotion (I tried infant massage, but she hates it.  Now, I slather the stuff on her as quickly as possible before she starts freaking out.)  
3. Get in jammies  (She also hates this part.  Gal loves to be naked!)
5. Eat with Mumma...while she...
6. Listens to a bedtime story
7. Move to co sleeper and lights out when she's finished eating
  • Second?  An early bedtime is key!  
Even after we started Madeline's nightly routine, she had a hard time falling asleep.  I was up till 2 am most nights bouncing her to sleep.  I read The No Cry Sleep Solution which suggests putting the baby to bed as early as possible.  The author stresses that, although it may seem backwards to put your baby to bed earlier if you want them to sleep longer, an early bedtime prevents baby from getting overtired.

We start our routine every night at 6.  By the time she starts falling asleep it may be closer to seven, but if we miss her bedtime, she gets extremely fussy!

Madeline sleeps a good twelve hours most nights, which means she wakes up around 6 am.  This works for us because I get up for work by five and am out the door by 6:20.   The weekends are rough, but we usually cuddle in bed with her for a few hours before officially starting the day.

Also, we don't have real jobs (Ha.) so I'm home from work by three on most days.  If I worked until five or six in the evening, the early bedtime wouldn't work for us.  (When would I spend time with my pumpkin?!)
  • Third?  Bedtime Accessories!   
The two bedtime accessories we rely on are the noisemaker and Madeline's pacifier.

Madeline likes white noise.  She likes the rain forest setting on her noisemaker the best.  We turn it on every night when we put her down in her crib.  By the time it automatically shuts off a half-hour later, she's usually asleep for the night.

A lot of people don't encourage the use of pacifiers these days because they feel it will interfere with breastfeeding or because they don't want their child to form a pacifier dependency.  Madeline never had a problem using both a pacifier and breastfeeding.  Also?  Right now, it's more important to me that she (and I) gets a  good night sleep.  If the pacifier helps her achieve that goal, I'm all for it.  If she's, you know, twelve years old and still rocking a pacifier, we'll deal with kicking the habit then.  We also only use it when we're trying get her to sleep, so she's associated it only with sleeping.

  • Fourth?  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

If Madeline is having a hard time getting to sleep, we simply go back into the room, give her the pacifier, and quietly leave again.  If she spits it out, we go back again.  And again.  And again.

If she refuses her pacifier, we'll stand by her co-sleeper for a few moments with our hands on her belly until she calms down.  (She likes to hold our fingers while she falls asleep.)  Other than gentle hushing noises, we don't talk to her or try to play with her.  When she's calm, we leave the room.  If she cries, we go back and start again.

The only time we pick her up out of her crib is if she really starts wailing and won't calm down.  In that case, we pick her up, bounce her a bit, get her calm, and start the whole process over again.  These days, it's very rare that Madeline can't be calmed at bedtime....but it does happen occasionally.  (Lightning bolts?!?)

This process used to take a really, really long time, but now that she knows what to expect, we usually only have to return to comfort her once or twice an evening.

  • Final Thoughts?

This is what works for us.  I know every baby is different.  I also fully expect that there will be many more sleepless nights in our future.  We'll have to readjust our plans as Madeline moves into her own bedroom, (hopefully this week!) and when she becomes more mobile, etc.

But for now, we're thanking our lucky stars for our little sleeping beauty!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

23 Weeks

Hooray, it's February vacation!  It's so nice to know that we'll always have vacations together as a family.

We kicked off our free week with a trip to New York to see Eric's side of the family.  Everyone was very happy to see Madeline, and Madeline was happy to see them!  Eric and I even got to sneak away for an afternoon in the city on Monday afternoon while Nana and Poppy watched Madeline.

Madeline is talking all the time these days.  She's quite vocal.  She's learning to make raspberries with her tongue this week too.  It's fun blowing raspberries at her and watching her try to figure out how to make them back.   So cute!

She is still. not. rolling. over. which. is. still. killing me.  She's so close!  It's actually starting to worry me a bit.  I know babies do things at their own pace, but I see lots of babies Madeline's age doing kart wheels, and she can still only lay on her side.  It's hard not not to make comparisons.

Maddie has zero interest in being on her belly.  Therefore, she has no motivation to flip from her back to her tummy.  When she's on her tummy, she spends the whole time crying instead of figuring out how to roll onto her back.  She's like a little turtle happily spinning on its shell.

On the bright side, she's quite good at sitting up.  You can let her go for a few seconds before she tips over.  She's also learning how to balance on her arms....monkey prop herself up.

Madeline also is intrigued by her books.  She likes to sit on your lap and try to turn the pages herself.  She's such a big girl!  My little bookworm.  She'll be reading Dustin Diamond: Behind the Bell as soon as I'm finished with it.  (No joke, I'm totally engrossed.  Thanks for the loan, Carol!)

She's been a great sleeper lately, (knock on wood,) so we're going to attempt moving her to her own room this week.  Since Eric and I don't have to get up for work in the mornings, it's a good time to experiment.

Also, I'm planning on whipping up some baby food this week.  I don't necessarily have anything against the jars of baby food, but I'd rather attempt making our own.  It's cheaper.  I'll know exactly what's going into her body, and I feel that it the homemade variety will more closely resemble food she will actually be eating as she grows up.

So far, I know she loves bananas and hates avocados.  However, if I mush up the avocados with the bananas, she will eat it all up.  Nom, nom, nom....

Madeline will someday murder me for sharing this little tidbit of information, but even since she started eating solids??  Her poops are N.A.S.T.Y.  It's true that breastfed babies have sweeter smelling poop.  When she was solely on the breast, her poop was gross, but just kinda, "Meh, whatevs..." gross.  Now?  I literally gag.

We'll be spending the rest of the week getting over our colds, cleaning the house, watching reruns of Saved By the Bell in a whole new light, making baby food, hanging out with family, catching up with old friends, and of course, cuddling the Maddie Bear!

What, Maddie?  You mean, you don't want to eat this scrumdillyumptious bowl of vomit-colored food?!?
Avocados are nasty, Mumma!  Sob, sob, sob.  
Seriously!  Good God, Woman, what are you feeding me?!  Gag.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fare Thee Well, King of Cats

The Dizzy saga is over, and it actually has a happy ending.

He's spent the past eleven days in quarantine at the veterinarian's office, and it turns out, one of the Vet. technicians decided to keep him!

Dizzy's new owner knows all the details of Dizzy's incident.  Due to her profession, she knows cats well, and most importantly, she does not have children!  We're very happy with how things turned out....except, you know, for the whole getting stitches in the first place part.

When she asked Eric's permission to keep Dizzy, Eric happily signed all the necessary paperwork at once.  Dizzy's unknown fate has been weighing heavily on Eric's mind over the past two weeks, so this was a major relief for both of us.

It's ironic that Eric ended up getting so attached to Dizzy because he was my cat first, and there was a time when Eric couldn't have cared less about the little cat.

When I first met Dizzy (Known then as Tux) at the shelter, he had a sign on his cage that read, "Miracle kitten," because he had nearly died from some horrible kitten disease.  Miraculously, Dizzy and his sister survived and were put up for adoption.

From the way he acted when I brought him home, you would never have know he'd been on the brink of death.   First he scampered across a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers leaving a trail of mashed potatoes across the carpet in his wake.  Then, I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out how to get him out of the couch without having to take a chainsaw to it.   His second day home?  He peed on my comforter and broke my laptop.  Shortly thereafter, he managed to crawl behind the wall in the kitchen.   Some miracle!  He was a little ball of energy, but so sweet.  

When Eric came over, he paid no notice to Dizzy other than to maybe grunt, "Hey, cat."  I urged Eric to play with him, or to at least let the cat sit on his lap without success.  Eric had no desire to make friends with Dizzy, and Dizzy wasn't much interested in him either.

Eric was quite bemused when several months later I moved Dizzy into his place (uninvited) while my landlord showed my apartment to potential renters.  I figured since we were moving in together soon anyhow, he might as well get to know the cat.  Boy, did they bond!

Eric was amused by the way Dizzy tried to chase the pigeons sitting on the fire escape.  Dizzy, ever the rambunctious kitten, was pleased to have someone to really play with at last.  (I was good for a cuddle, but not much else.)

Over time, Dizzy shifted his love of me to Eric.  Sure, maybe Dizzy would condescend to cuddle my feet when he was cold at night...but that was mostly out of necessity.  When Eric walked in the room, that cat came to life.  He'd gallop to the door, and purring loudly, flop at Eric's feet.  (I wonder if Dizzy would have freaked out two weeks ago in the first place if Eric had been home at the time.)

Eric's brother-in-law once said that if he were to consider all the cats he knew, he'd cast Dizzy as the King of Cats.

In typical cat fashion, Dizzy looked at everyone as if they were put on this earth to serve him...and if you weren't feeding him, or petting him, you weren't worth his time.  His scathing gaze was further emphasized by the white markings on his chin.  He always appeared to be frowning regally.  Dizzy's disdain escaped no one that is, except Eric.  He and Eric were pals.  I think Dizzy almost considered Eric his equal...almost.

Luckily for The Dizzy Cat, it was his expressive face that drew his new owner to him.  Hopefully, he'll learn to love her as much as he loved Eric and reserve his glare for the rest of the commoners.  

Well, King of Cats, I'm sad that the last time I saw you you happened to be scratching my face up...but in spite of that, I will remember you fondly.   And I hope you never forget that somewhere in the universe there's an Eric who loves you.

Go now; rule over a new human.  I wish you well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

22 Weeks

Love Bugs!

This is a cruel time of year.  Yesterday, it hit 50 degrees.  Today, we were hovering near zero again.  By Friday? 60 degrees!  This weekend?  Freezing!

It's just enough to make me long for spring.  Yet, not enough to make me forget that it's only the middle of February.  We still have a long way to go till I can start dressing Madeline in sweet little sundresses.  

Madeline did look darn cute in her Valentine's Day dress yesterday, however.  She was also nice enough to go to sleep promptly at six last night so Eric and I could celebrate together.  Celebrating Cupid's birthday these days consists of take-out Chinese, a bottle of wine, a lit Yankee Candle, and a baby monitor.  I wore my "sexy" over-sized pink bathrobe and was sleeping on the couch, mouth agape, by 9:30.  Just call us Brad and Angelina.  

This afternoon, I spent a good chunk of time watching Madeline on her play mat.  She can scoot herself around in circles to reach the toys she wants.  She ended up in a completely different place than she started.  

She still has not rolled over, but The. Suspense. Is. Killing. Me!   So, so close!

"Watch me rooollllll....." 
In fact, she sorta kinda rolled over today.  She flipped onto her tummy just long enough to grab the rattle she wanted before promptly returning to her back.  Technically, she flipped over...but since it only lasted for about two seconds, I'm not sure it counts.  If she does it again?  I'm calling it a success!

She's been continuing to eat solids.  She loves her bananas!  Avocados...not so much.  None of Mumma's famous guacamole dip for her!  

Her ear looks great!  You'd barely know that she even had stitches.   Meanwhile, my face has healed, and the bad scars are all under my hair where no one can see them.  Once again, my burlap sac hair has come to the rescue!  (Seriously, a sewing machine fell on my head when I was two so my hair has been rescuing me for years.  Although it's ruined my dreams of having a beautiful shaved head.) P.S. Eric is bringing Dizzy to the shelter tomorrow.  Sad, sad day.

Everyone just loves Madeline to pieces!  I can't stress enough what a happy baby she is.  Obviously she has her fussy moments...who doesn't?  The gal can throw quite a mini temper tantrum when she gets frustrated.  But, overall, she's very pleasant.  She makes me so proud to be her Momma Bear.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Madeline wishes everyone love this Valentines' Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011


In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd share some cute heart-themed baby finds from Etsy.  I do heart Etsy after all.

This adorable dress from Down with the Kids...
And this My Heart Belongs in California onesie by Wellies.  (Although, I'd get Massachusetts of course!) 

And this pixie hat from teatodtoad, because I love baby hats!! 

And this wooden teething toy by BuddyandJoJo...

And these sweet hair clips from everlaughter...

And last, in honor of The Maddie Bear, this bear heart onesie by Windsparrow Studio.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

21 Weeks

Madeline is such a happy baby.  It's really amazing how content she is all the time.  Even with scary doctor's visits and boo-boos on her face, she's been smiling and giggling away all week.   I feel like she was blessed with Eric's laid back attitude and my goofball sense of humor thrown in for good measure.  It's a good mix.  

She got her stitches out today.  It took two doctors plus me and Eric to hold her down.  (How many people does it take to hold down a Maddie Bear?  I don't know, how many??)  She cried, but I think she was more annoyed than in pain.  Two minutes later she was laughing at us again.

Her ear still has a tiny cut on it, and there's some bunched up scar tissue we have to keep our eye on, but otherwise she's fine.

In other news, she now weighs 15 lbs.  Hizz-ahh!

Her eyes are definitely changing color.  Every time I look at her, they are different.  We're not sure if they're just changing to a new shade of blue, or if they are turning brown, or even green...but they are changing.  I'm still putting money on brown because there's a golden hue around the pupils now that wasn't there before.

I fed her mashed up bananas yesterday.  She LOVED them!  I laugh so hard when I feed her because she makes these little growling noises every time the spoon enters her mouth.  She just gets so excited by the food.  And, if I take too long getting a new spoon full, she starts crying.  The gal likes to eat!

We're having so much fun with her.  She's becoming such a little more blob...a real-life person!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Update (A Few Days Late)

Here's the snow totals after last week's storm.  Here's hoping we make it through this week without another one.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Cat Scratch Fever-Not as Fun as it Sounds

Warning: Today's post is not funny or cute and cuddly in any way, especially for you new parents and/or pet owners.

Our Dizzy Cat attacked me and the baby on Thursday afternoon.  I don't mean he just swatted at us, or hissed, or bit my hand.  I mean, he full out went nuts and sent us to the hospital.  The Maddie Bear has two stitches on her ear along with some small cuts on her face, legs, and back.  My face, arms, back, and legs are covered in scratches.  I also have several cuts under my hair including a large gash that required three staples.

The attack was unprovoked and completely unexpected.  Our cat has never been aggressive toward us, and has never been at all threatening toward the baby.

I was playing with Madeline on the couch when it happened.  I was lifting her over my head, and we were babbling and giggling at each other.  Madeline was up in the air when the cat suddenly jumped from behind the couch and latched onto her.  He knocked her out of my hands, and she tumbled head first onto some pillows on the couch.  (Thank God she didn't fall onto the floor.) Keep in mind Dizzy is seventeen pounds, and Madeline is only fourteen pounds.

The rest of the incident is one big scary blur.  Dizzy was making growling noises I didn't know he was capable of making.  I immediately went to pick up Madeline off the couch, and Dizzy came after us again.   I was blocking Madeline with my body so that's when he scratched up my head and face.  In shock, I scooped up the wailing Maddie Bear to my chest.  The cat continued to hiss and lunge at us while I threw everything within my reach at him.  The weirdest part is that he would not back down.  

I tried to walk calmly, yet briskly, to the door to escape, but Dizzy latched onto my back and legs.  He got in between us and the door to block us from moving forward.  With very slow movements, I managed to scoot around him to get out the door.

I feel like I've always been able to stay calm in an emergency.  I've never been one to break down in the midst of a crisis.  The freaking out usually doesn't hit me until the event is long over.  Good fight and flight responses!

Therefore, I was very calm as I walked down the hall to the apartment office holding my screaming baby.  Blood started dripping down my face and onto Madeline, and I realized that I was hurt too.  Obviously, the office was locked.  I paused to check Madeline's wounds and think about what to do next.  I had no shoes, no keys, no phone, and I had a baby I needed to get to the hospital stat.

I learned some things about people then:
  • One...if you scream like you're being murdered while you're alone in your apartment (Like I was while I fought off the cat.) nobody will come to your aid.  Keep a knife handy at all times in case a murderer actually does come to your apartment.  
  • Two...when you're covered in blood and holding a crying baby, the first two people you meet will pretend they don't own a cell phone (I'm sorry, but what twenty-something female doesn't own a cell phone??) and refuse to help you.  
  • Three...The third person you meet will be an angel and, although she really doesn't own a cellphone, she will bring you to her apartment, let you use the phone, give you shoes, a jacket, and blankets for the baby.  
  • Four...Custodians will legitimately offer to go kill your cat so you can go back in your apartment.  
At least, that's what happened to me.  My good samaritan neighbor even sat in the lobby with us for an hour and half waiting for Eric and my parents to get there.  (It's Winterfest this weekend, which means several streets downtown are shut off...epic traffic!  Good timing, eh?)

Eric and my parents showed up around the same time, and that's when I started to lose it.  Eric, who is always calm, took over the roll of brave parent, and I was allowed to start freaking out...mostly by unfairly yelling at Eric about where he parked his truck.  When Eric went into the apartment to get our stuff for the hospital, the cat acted like he hadn't just tried to kill me and the baby by rubbing lovingly against his ankles.

Madeline was an angel at the ER.  After her initial scare, she spent the rest of the night smiling and giggling at everyone who glanced her way.

The doctor didn't think our wounds were too bad when she first saw us, but she clicked her tongue in disapproval when she saw Maddie's ear, and she literally gasped at the gash in my head.
P.S.  They don't numb your head when you get staples.  I got a lousy ice pack.  Double P.S. I could be a doctor.  All you need is an ordinary staple gun.

Watching Madeline get her stitches was the worst part of the whole night.  They had to hold her down, and she screamed, and screamed, and screamed.  Poor baby.

Madeline fell into a deep sleep as soon as we got home, but I tossed and turned all night.  I couldn't feel safe with the cat locked up only two rooms away.  In fact, he even escaped once because that cat's a God damned Houdini.  Eric put him back and blocked the door with a chair.

Trying to get rid of the cat was an even bigger nightmare.  The shelter won't take an animal who attacks a human unless it's been quarantined for ten days.  (They want to make sure he doesn't have any diseases that could have been passed on to us as cats have notoriously dirty scratches and bites.)  We live in a three room apartment....there was no way in hell we were going to keep the cat in here for ten days after what happened.  Meanwhile, the Vet couldn't give us a straight answer about boarding the cat.

At six pm, as much as it pained me to do so, I called the Vet and asked about the possibility of putting Dizzy down.  The receptionist gave me this response, "We're not doing that.  He's a healthy animal.  I'm sorry he scratched you and your baby, but..."  Something about the way she said, "scratched," set me off.  I lost it.  I strongly stressed that he hadn't just scratched me, that I have three staples in my head and my daughter's ear got ripped apart.

In tears I explained that we love our cat, but we couldn't possibly keep him, the shelter wouldn't take him, the vet wouldn't take him, and I wouldn't just let him lose in the street to have a long and painful death.  What were we supposed to do?  She made us an appointment for 8 am this morning to discuss all our options with the vet.

This morning Eric brought Dizzy to the vet and said his goodbyes.  They're keeping him for ten days to watch for any signs of illness.  After that, Eric will have to go pick him up and bring him to the shelter.  The shelter will ultimately decide what to do with Dizzy Cat.  They may try to adopt him to a family without children.  They may decide to put him down.  Either way, we don't like to think about what will happen to Dizzy.

I know that sounds stupid because he just viciously attacked my daughter and I should want to kill him myself.  Trust me, part of me does.  But part of me also remembers that Dizzy has been a part of our family for the past four years....that before we had Madeline, Dizzy was like a child to us... that when I first came home from the hospital after losing Ellis, he curled up in my lap like he knew I was sad and stayed there gently purring for hours.

This is a sad situation for everyone, including Dizzy.  We hate that it had to come to this.

The doctor at the ER told us that she doesn't have any pets because she too often sees what happens when they attack their owners.

It's scary.  These furry little creatures who love us and become a part of our families are, after all, still wild animals.   When you see cat or dog attacks on the news, you tend to think that the animal must have always been aggressive or unruly.  That's simply not always the case.  Dizzy certainly never gave us any indication that he would hurt us.  Other than typical, playful cat behavior, he never so much as scratched us.

If you have a child and pets, please be careful.  No matter how much you love your pet, don't think you can always trust them.  I don't know why Dizzy freaked out.  My guess is that something about the way Madeline and I were playing spooked him, and since he was behind us, I didn't see that he was getting all riled up until it was too late.  His animal instincts took over and he just couldn't help himself.

I thank God it wasn't worse.  Madeline's face could have been badly scratched.  He could have gotten her eyes.  Thank God he didn't snap while Madeline was on her play mat or in her swing by herself.  Since I was so close, I was able to keep him away from her for the most part.

It sounds stupid because it was just a cat attack..not a brutal home invasion or anything...but I keep getting the creeps sitting in the house.  I don't feel like Maddie is safe.  I can't trust our environment.  Besides, along with the relief that Dizzy is gone, there's also the sadness of not having our little pal around anymore.  Again, this was a sad situation for everyone...

When my mom asked me if I was going to blog about this, at first I said no.  It felt too horrifying and even humiliating.  Then she said that she thought people should know that things like this can happen with pets.  (For all of my ten or so you know!)

I thought it about it some more, and thought, "Heck! If I share the fact that I spend a lot of time pantsless and have had to pee into a big orange bucket, I certainly shouldn't be afraid to share this information!"

Hold on to your children and hug them tight.  Hold on to your pets and hug them too!  But, also?  Keep your eye on them.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Hate You Zack Morris

No doubt about it, Zack Morris is a babe.  I never liked Slater.  Maybe it was his habit of wearing belly shirts and doing pirouettes around the hallways of Bayside High.

But, if I were the other students at Bayside, I would hate Zack Morris and the rest of the gang. (And not just because Kelly Kapowski stole my baby name.)  Because whenever something interesting happens at that school, Zach and his selfish friends take it all for themselves.  Everything is always about them!

What about the hundreds of other students at the school?  Do they ever get to join the dance contest?  Do they ever get to save the Glee Club?  Does Mr. Belding ever say, "Hey, hey, hey, what's going on here?!" to them?

This morning I watched the episode where oil is discovered on their football field thus promising a new state-of-the-art Bayside.  Meanwhile, the gang is studying animals from the school pond in science class.  Everyone gets their own pet to study.  Zack, of course, gets the best animal...a duck named Becky.

But wait?!  Did I say everyone gets an animal?  Oh, let me correct that.  Lisa, Kelly, Jesse, Zack, Slater, and Screech get pets.  The rest of the kids in their class...they get nothing.  Doesn't it matter if they learn science?  Aren't their parents' tax dollars going to fund this school as well?  Maybe when all that oil money comes in, there will be enough pets to go around in science class.  

But, oh no, Zack and the gang have to go and ruin it for everybody.  There's an oil spill on campus that kills Zack's pet duck Becky.  As a result, he stops the drilling, and Bayside doesn't get any money.  Great Zack, now nobody will get a new pool or new football uniforms (Which obviously they need because Slater's doesn't cover his bellybutton.) or a new science lab all because your stupid pet duck died.  Selfish, Zack, very selfish.  

Following this episode, was the one where celebrity Johnny Dakota comes to Bayside to film an anti-drug commercial. ("No Hope with Dope")  Classic!  Of course, who does the cool, famous Johnny Dakota decide to hang out with while filming at Bayside?  Zack and the gang...of course.  And who gets to star in the commercial?  You guessed it...Zack and the gang.  At one point, there's some random motorcycle chick who seems like she's going to be in the commercial, but she doesn't make the final cut.  Probably because after Zack discovers Johnny Dakota smoking pot, they refuse to work with him, and Johnny leaves the school.

 Great Zack.  Maybe you and Kelly are to "square" to try some "dope," but I bet there were plenty of other kids at that school who would have given their front teeth to get high with Johnny Dakota.  Now motorcycle chick will never get to be in a commercial, and the rest of the student body will never get to hang out with Johnny Dakota....all because of you.   Selfish, Zack, very selfish.

Where was your moral outrage when Jesse's caffeine pill habit lead to a career of pole dancing after high school, or when you and Lisa decided to drink and drive your senior year?!  I guess the rules only apply to other people...not your friends.  (P.S. Someone obviously forgot to get the anti-drug message to Screech.)

So, the next time you find yourself watching reruns of Saved By The Bell on a snowy Wednesday morning, remember the others.  Remember the students who only watch form the sidelines as Lisa wins the dance contest at the Max.  Remember the nerds who get carelessly knocked aside in almost every episode so Zack can carry out some scheme.  Remember all the other students who don't get featured in the video yearbook because so much time is devoted to Zack, Kelly, Lisa Turtle, A.C. Slater, Jesse, and Screech.

I hate you, Zack Morris.  I really do.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

20 Weeks

The bunny appears to be shrinking rapidly...

Madeline is twenty weeks old today!  She's entering her fifth month here on earth, which is awfully close to six months...yikes!

We've been getting a lot of snow days recently.  In fact, Madeline has only spent one full week at daycare since I've been back to work.  That's just fine with me because it means more time snuggling.  Of course, I may regret it come June when I'm longing for the beach and stuck behind a desk instead.

She's recovered nicely from last week's cold.  She still has a bit of a dry cough, but she's back to her happy self.

I've been continuing to feed her rice cereal.  She's finally starting to get into it.  She opens her mouth wide and clamps her toothless gums down on the spoon with gusto.  The last two days she's eaten her entire bowl!  Nom, nom, nom.  She's gonna be a good eater....just like Mumma.

Her eyes are still blue, but we're starting to notice a golden hue around the pupils.  Changing to brown perhaps?

 She ripped her boots and socks off her feet today.  I understand, Madeline; I don't like to wear socks either...but it's cold out!  Keep those piggies covered!

Her curiosity about the world in increasing.  She's finally started to notice The Dizzy Cat.  He definitely notices her, but chooses to ignore her.  She can easily roll onto her side to get a better view of her toys when she wants.  She's not rolling over, but we'll get there eventually.

It's so fun to watch you grow, little bean sprout.  Keep up the good work!