About Us

Hi, I'm Summer.  Thanks for stopping by.

Our Little Baby is where I document the trials and tribulations of raising a Maddie Bear. 

I also write about my love for Snickers, my sad obsessions with Twilight and Downton Abbey, and my not-always-successful attempts at being Martha Stewart.  Most importantly, this is Madeline's virtual baby book.  Some day she can look back at this and hate her mother for sharing embarrassing spaghetti-eating moments to strangers.  This is the kind of thing that keeps therapists employed. 

That tall drink of water next to me is my husband Eric.  He finally made an honest woman out of me last August after nearly seven years of dating, birthing babies, and buying a house.  

Eric and I are both teachers.  Eric teaches middle school band. This makes him the king of the band geeks. This is a quality I find very attractive because, if you're going to go for a band geek, you might as well go for the one with the most power. I teach high school English, which make any spelling/grammatical errors you find on this blog twice as embarrassing.

In many ways, we are opposites.  He is calm, cool, and collected to a fault.  I am short-tempered and impatient to a fault.  He is from New York...land of pinstripes.  I am from Massachusetts...land of red socks.  We manage to make it work. 

Our journey toward parenthood first began in 2008 when I became pregnant with our daughter Ellis Jane.  Ellis was stillborn on September 23, 2008 most likely due to amniotic bands syndrome.

After taking some time to lick our wounds, we began trying again.  It made for a somewhat stressful pregnancy. 

But in September of 2010, we were blessed with our daughter Madeline.  She was not named after the story-book character, but she does have red hair.  We're still working on the French accent. 

Madeline is not really "our little baby"- a nickname we used while she was still in the womb-any longer.  Now she can talk back.  Sometimes that's a problem, but mostly it's awesome because she is hilarious.  

Now we are happily experiencing the ups and downs of parenthood.  It's not always a smooth ride, and life seldom turns out the way one expects, but to quote the late, great John Lennon: "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

Please contact me with any love letters, inquires, or requests at MaddieBearsMail@gmail.com