Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Card

As a family, we're pretty quirky, weird, and nerdy.  Therefore, it only makes sense that we have a quirky, weird, and nerdy Christmas card.  Talk about awkward family photos...

Madeline has been very interested in Eric's instruments lately.  She asks to play his tuba and trumpet all the time.  When we asked her what Santa should bring her, she said a saxophone and a trumpet.  

Obviously, Eric is thrilled.  

This is totally his kind of Christmas card.  I don't actually play an instrument.  Although he joked that next year's card should be a picture of us sitting around reading Shakespeare instead.  Yup.  We're totally awesome.   

So awesome, in fact, that I've entered our card into The Paper Mama's Holiday Photo Challenge!!!  

There's some pretty amazing photographers entering beautiful, professional-looking photos, so I'm not sure that my little card will get much notice...but it's fun to play along anyhow.  

I also entered this challenge back in 2010 when Madeline looked like this:  

I did not make a Christmas Card last year....cause I was lazy.  This year, I'm still lazy, but my priorities are out of whack.  Hmmm.  Housework? Photoshop?  Housework?  Photoshop? So much for laundry...

While you're at it, be sure to check out all the awesome photos over at The Paper Mama.  


  1. Hands down, best Xmas card I've seen in forever!
    I haven't looked at the other entries yet, but I'm sayin you should win regardless! :-) hilarious :-)

  2. You DO play an instrument, the flute! At least you DID play the flute, in high school. I should know, I paid for the lessons! :-)

    Love the card...

    1. True, mother...but it's been almost thirteen years. We're saving the flute for Maddie though. :)

  3. I absolutely love your entry in the contest, well done!

  4. Nana and Pop say
    Great Card!!!
    What a wonderful musical family
    Love in high c