Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tree Lighting

Our second advent activity was to visit my home town's tree-lighting ceremony on Sunday afternoon.  This was convenient because Eric also had a concert at the event.  (See how I did that.)

In the past, I've always been a little nervous about bringing Madeline to his concerts.  Maddie Bears are unpredictable.  She may start off by listening pleasantly to some John Philip Sousa march.  Then next minute she may decide to take her shirt off in the middle of Handel's Messiah.  It's not that kind of concert, Madeline.  
Just a man and his trombone...
Yet, as she gets older, she really looks forward to watching her daddy's shows, so I try to take her as often as I can.  On Sunday, she was so excited that she couldn't settle down for her nap.  Instead she spent two hours jumping up and down in her crib, calling out, "We see Dada's concert!" from time to time.  We've got a future band geek on our hands.

As an added bonus, my parents and sister's family were able to make it to the ceremony too, which allowed Madeline to visit with her cousin.  Not only are they the closest cousins in age, but they are also the only two girl cousins.  

At first, they sat side by side like demure little angels.  They kept their ankles crossed and their hands clasped in their laps.  Every now and again, they'd cast shy little smiles and sideways glances at one another.  

By the end of the concert, they were dancing like maniacs in the aisles.  Well, my niece danced.  Madeline still mostly hops to express herself.  

After the concert, we watched the tree light up on the town common before walking around a bit to see the local landmarks.  Even though I grew up in town, and Eric has been playing this gig for several years now, this was the first time I'd actually been to the tree lighting.  

When Katie Belle got her face painted, Madeline watched curiously from the sidelines.  As soon as Katie was done, Maddie strode right up there for her turn.  Monkey see.  Monkey do.  

We've been using this admiration to our advantage the last couple of days. 

"Madeline, you don't want to put on your coat?  But this was Katie Belle's coat.  She gave it to you!" On goes the jacket.  

"Madeline, you don't want to use the potty?  All big girls use the potty.  I bet Katie Belle does!"  Off to the potty she goes.  

Thanks, Katie Belle.  You're helping out big!

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  1. What a gorgeous little girl Katie Belle is! I hope they are always close, such a nice bond for a girl to have :-)