Friday, January 24, 2014

Vivi: 5 Weeks

Vivienne is five weeks old today!  She's still a bit of a grump, but doesn't seem as bad as last week. (I think...) She had a really tough day Wednesday.  She didn't sleep all day and began howling around 5 pm to 10:30 pm.  Today has also been a little rough, so we'll see...

It's hard to say what's bothering her.  She doesn't appear to have the reflux issues Madeline had.  However, her tummy rumbles loudly, and although she wants to nurse all the time, she screams at the breast when I offer it to her.  Any suggestions?  Poor girl.

She's also got a bad case of baby acne across her cheeks and neck.  

Her complexion is a lot darker than mine.  Madeline is just as fair skinned, so it's a bit disconcerting to look in the mirror while I'm holding Vivi.  She makes me look so pale.  Whose baby is this anyhow?  I swear she's still tinged yellow, but the last bilirubins test we did looked good.  

Vivi loves sleeping on me, and the longer she sleeps on me, the better mood we find her in.  Cuddling with her is really nice.  It would be nicer without a big sister to chase around.  I feel guilty being trapped under a sleeping baby while Maddie needs me too.  Sadly, Vivi is not a fan of baby carriers or her swing.  I'll keep trying though!  

She's starting to sleep better at night.  Once we get her down, she'll sleep for a five hour stretch.  After that, she goes back to nursing every two to three hours.  

We've stopped swaddling her at night unless she's fussy and flailing about.  She prefers to have her arms free.  

She also twists herself into bizzare contortions while sleeping.  Her favorite position resembles a backwards C.  She cocks her head back so far that it's almost upside down and arches her back.  It looks so uncomfortable, but she seems to really enjoy it.  

The past five weeks have flown by, and I'm hoping the next five weeks fly too.  I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but this newborn stage is so rough.  I just need to get to three months and things will get smoother.  In the grand scheme of things, three months is nothing.  Still, it seems like eternity when we're in the thick of it.  I need to remember that this is just a phase.  Enjoy it while you can, Summer!  

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