Thursday, January 30, 2014

Vivi: Six Weeks

I'm really nervous making this declaration because I could be eating my words a week from now, but I don't think Vivienne has colic.  I think we're dealing soley with reflux.  Can I get an Amen?  

We're still having some rough patches...Monday night was the worst one yet...but her medication really seems to be helping.  She's been quite pleasant the rest of the week.  When she does cry, it's clear her tummy is bothering her.

Her fussy periods tend to alternate with days of calm, so we'll see.. In the meantime, I'm nervously holding my breath every night around 6 pm hoping she won't start crying.  

While her bad moods have tapered a bit, sleep still isn't great.  Last week, she was starting to sleep for long stretches, but she's gone back to nursing every two hours throughout the night.  Part of the problem is that she can't get comfortable on her back.  She writhes and grunts all night long.  We have her mattress tilted, but she sleeps best upright.  Still, I'll take it as long as she's not crying...

Thankfully, Eric the wonder daddy lets me get as much sleep as possible.  He'll bring her downstairs if she's really fussy to give me some peace between nursing. 

During the day, Vivi is staying awake longer.  She's been so, so smiley!  I love it!  She spends a lot of time studying our facial expressions and giving us wide, toothless grins in response.  She's just starting to vocalize beyond grunts and coos at us when she's happy.  

The front window of our living room gets a lot of sun in the afternoons.  We've found that it's a great place to get cozy with a baby on our chests.

Finally, I'm starting to get into a more comfortable groove as Vivi's Mumma.  I'm learning how to soothe her better, what her daily patterns are, and what she needs when she makes crazy faces at me.  

They say that baby fussiness usually peaks between 6-8 weeks.  I hope that is true for us!  If this is as bad as it gets, it ain't too bad at all.  

We love you, little Viv!

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  1. Have you tried the Rock n Play? It lets them sleep almost like in a carseat which may help the reflux. I don't have experience with it myself but I've heard good things.