Monday, March 4, 2013

Winter Family Get Away

When my family started talking about spending a weekend in the White Mountains a few months ago, we skeptically agreed upon the first weekend of March.   After all, would there really still be much snow in March?

Bam.  Snow.

In fact, it snowed all weekend.  Not enough to make us re-enact our own family version of The Shinning, but just enough to frost the treetops and tickle our eyelashes.

We stayed at the Bretton Woods resort at Mount Washington.  There are town homes available to rent, which was the perfect space to accommodate our large group complete with two little ones.

The funny thing about visiting a ski resort piled high with snow is that I don't ski.  In fact, I only came home with one sore spot on my body, and that was from a slip I took on the stairs.  My rugged athleticism knows no bounds.  

Thankfully, there's plenty to entertain besides the slopes.  We went snow tubing on Saturday afternoon.  

I was a bit worried about how Madeline would react to rushing down a gigantic hill in a rubber tube.  As you can see from some of these photos, her scared-y-pants mother, wasn't quite sure herself.  

However, Madeline was barely phased by the whole experience.  After her first run, she quickly asked to go again.  The second time, she just looked around curiously.  The third time?  She fell asleep at the top of the hill.  No joke.  Thrill-seeking sports put my daughter to sleep.  Not. Her. Mumma's. Daughter.  

Oh, and hey, there was a snowman!  

We also got a chance to tour the Omni Mount Washington Hotel, which was pretty amazing.  It looked like something out of a movie....high ceilings, mountain views, crystal chandeliers, and a roof-top ice-skating rink.  The little girls got to attend afternoon tea with the grandparents, while we big kids had a few drinks and snacks in one of the many seating areas off the lobby.  It was Downton Abbey New Hampshire style.  

My favorite activity was the sleigh ride we took that evening.   It was so cozy under the wool blankets listening to sleigh bells as the daylight faded and snow swirled around us.  

The remainder of our time was spent hanging around the condo...mostly eating.  The little girls had a ball playing together.  They got to watch movies in bed, hide in closets, and basically run around till they passed our from sheer exhaustion.

The White Mountains are so close to where we live, and yet, we hardly ever go there.  In fact, other than a brief trip in college, I think the last time we went, I was probably around ten years old.   I'd love to visit more often.

It's so beautiful, and there are so many other activities I'd like to try.  Maybe next time I can injure myself doing something more interesting than falling down snow shoeing.  

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