Monday, February 25, 2013

Princesses...on Ice

I realize I've been a bit MIA for over a whole week, but a combination of vacation and the bloggy blahs has kept me away from the computer. We've been quite busy, so I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Starting with...Disney on Ice!

Madeline is in the princess ZONE these days. Not only does she have princess movies, toys, and dresses...she also rocks the princess 'tude. It's like we have a mini Lady Mary hiding under the kitchen table over the injustice of being forced to clean up her blocks.

That's why when we used a Ticket Master gift card (Thanks Auntie Carol!)  to spontaneously get tickets to Disney on Ice on Saturday afternoon, we just had to let Madeline dress the part.

She picked her Belle dress, which I must say shows excellent taste on her part. My daughter won't be leaving the house in purple seashell bras like some other red headed princesses I know...just saying.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the show, but I was not disappointed. Say what you will about the brainwashing powers of the Disney corporation, but man, do they put on an amazing performance.  For a moment, it actually felt like that twenty-dollar snow cone was worth every penny.  

As for Madeline, she was in heaven!  How could she not be when her favorite princesses were skating right before her very eyes?  She spent the first twenty minutes with her mouth hanging open in awe and wonder.  

Even Rapunzel was there, and that's her absolute favorite.

During intermission, Madeline got a lot of attention for her pretty dress.  There were a good number of little girls dressed up, and it was hilarious watching them checking one another out.  It was total red carpet behavior. (Some kids were all, "Awesome!  She's a princess too!  Let's be BFFs!"  while others were all, " God, I can't believe she wore a Cinderella dress too! How embarrassing!")  There were many other Belles, but I thought Madeline's particular dress was the prettiest. Obviously.

When the show was all over, we asked her what her favorite part was.  "All of dem!" was her enthusiastic reply.

I agree, Maddie Bear.

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